Zeitel's Bomb
Object information
Location In Colonel Zeitel's cabin
Importance Part of the quest to retrieve the notebook
 Zeitel's Bomb is a puzzle that Carlson must complete if he fails to obtain the notebook on top of the false smokestack.  It is located in Zeitel's First Class cabin C-59.


The bomb consists of sticks of dynamite rigged to a solenoid, a battery, an alarm clock, three switch boxes, a variety of wires, a hinge, and a case with the stateroom key inside. At the top of the screen, it is apparent that the hinge of the case is also wired to the dynamite. There are two methods to retrieve the key.

Retrieving the Key Edit

Method 1, the Legitimate Method Edit

  1. Turn Middle Switch to 3.
  2. Turn Right Switch to 3.
  3. Turn Left Switch to 2.
  4. Let the clock run out. The alarm will ring.
  5. Turn Left Switch to 3.
  6. Open the key case and take key.
  7. If you forget to turn the Right Switch to 3, do so before clicking “OK” to leave the case.
  8. Click “OK”.

Why This Works Edit

When the briefcase was opened, the hinge armed the bomb. So, if electricity ever flows to the bomb, it detonates. Blue wires mark which paths lead to the bomb. The trigger on the clock needs to be triggered first, so move the middle switch to trigger it. The connections on the clock will trigger the bomb if they are powered, so moving the Right switch to 3 and the left switch to 2 will ensure there is no power to the alarm bell when the mallet strikes it.

Next, the player needs to get the key from the box. Opening the box will complete the circuit between the two metal lids, so if the bottom one is powered, the top one will get power, and detonate since it connects to the dynamite, so move the left switch back to 3. Next, the case needs to be shut, so the power needs to not be going towards the red wire on the case, because shutting the case will connect the circuit. Make sure that the middle switch isn't point to 1, as powering the solenoid will complete the circuit if it is powered.

Method 2, the Cheating Method Edit

  1. Open the case and take the key. (Optional)
  2. Click “OK”.
  3. Watch the cabin blow-up.
  4. Select the option “GIVE UP".

A Note: Theoretically, taking the key might not be necessary but has not been tested. Selecting "GIVE UP" may give Carlson the key.

Why this works Edit

The Cyberflix team wanted the puzzles in this game to present a challenge but never an insurmountable obstacle to players, so Zeitel's bomb was given a fail-safe option in case players were not able to figure out the puzzle. There are several fail-safe options in this game where Carlson is either bailed out of a puzzle or given a second chance at getting significant items.


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