Willi von Haderlitz
First Class Passenger
Willie von Haderlitz
Biographical information
Died 14 April, 1912
Electric Bath, RMS Titanic
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Blond
Aboard the Titanic
Class First Class
Cabin B-66
Accompanied by Colonel Zeitel
Occupation Junior Professor at the University of Vienna
"Things aren't always what they seem, yes? Like me, for example. I am German, but I am also a friend to others. Perhaps, even, the English."
—Willie von Haderlitz

Willi von Haderlitz (d. 14 April, 1912) is a young man who is studying Sigmund Freud's works at the University of Vienna. He is travelling on the ship (supposedly as a young protégé to Colonel Zeitel). Zeitel states he is inspecting the German Embassies to Cuba, Mexico and the United States, whereas Willi plans to proceed to the western United States in order to study (in Zeitel's words) "aboriginal cultures" as he is also fascinated by American Indian societies. However, he is in fact a double agent who is working for the Russian Authorities against Zeitel's plans.

His part in the storyEdit

Optional Café Parisien meetingEdit

When Frank meets Max Seidelman on the Boat Deck, he invites him to play blackjack in the Smoking Room. Frank agrees to go with him but first they swing by the Café Parisien where they meet Colonel Zeitel and his young protégé. They talk to Frank about what their occupations are.

Squash CourtEdit

Willi later requests a meeting with Frank via Smethells and asks that they meet in the Squash Court. He challenges Frank to a fencing match and if Frank beats him, he will commend him and let it slip that Colonel Zeitel has an interest in paintings. WhenSmethells talks to Frank he will give him Willi's Ring as a token of Willi's appreciation for their match. (unless you play more than one round with Willi before you leave, in which case he gives you the ring personally as 'a token of friendship')

The Ring and Willi's DeathEdit

Frank should take the ring to Trask and ask for a reading. A cut screen shows Willi in the Electric Bath. However, it malfunctions and he is killed. When Frank talks to Penny Pringle, she believes he may have been murdered. It is later revealed that Willi was working for the Russians, and Zeitel had intentionally rigged the Electric Bath to malfunction so as to kill Willi.

Willi's body is never removed from the electric bath and it goes down with the ship.

Willi and ClarisEdit

While on the ship, Willi befriended Claris Limehouse on the first night out, 10 April, in the First Class Lounge. The two began a relationship, and Limehouse was later distraught to hear of his death. Willi had instructed Claris to tell anyone who brought her his ring to tell them about his notebook, and she does so.


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