Water Gauge
Water gauge
Object information
Location Turbine Room
Usage Regulates the flow of water needed to keep the ship operating

The water gauge is a machine located in the Turbine Room that regulates the flow of water needed to keep the ship operating.

This puzzle will need to be solved twice during the game. If assistance is required the seaman will provide an instruction manual.


In order to access the Engine Room, a seaman who is having trouble fixing the turbine power output will ask Carlson, who he believes is a White Star Line employee, for help.


  • To increase the steam flow, turn the red circular valves counter clockwise as far as they will go.
  • Adjust the sea water lever halfway to three-quarters open to minimize condenser pressure.
  • Maximize heat by setting the main boiler control lever to three-quarters.
  • Carefully close the steam valves while watching the turbine power output until the needle moves into the green zone.


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