Vlad Demonic
Physical information
Gender Male
Family information
Family Wife
Loyalty The Black Hand

Vlad Demonic is a Serbian stowaway on board the Titanic. He is a member of the dangerous Serbian Black Hand terrorist group, and has vowed revenge against the Austrians for the murder of his wife and children when they invaded and annexed Bosnia. 


On the Titanic he is working for Sasha Barbicon, though initially Sasha remarks that he is unaware Vlad is on board.  

Sasha expresses astonishment that Vlad is on board the Titanic, informing Carlson that Vlad was left without family or money after the problems in Austro-Hungarian controlled Serbia. Sasha offered to assist Vlad by buying him a boat ticket to the United States, but Vlad refused, to which Sasha mildly scoffs at Vlad's pride and stubbornness even in this extreme situation. However, this is a lie: Vlad is working for Sasha, and was supposed to obtain the Rubaiyat after Zeitel hid it in the Boiler Room. 

Frank Carlson runs into Vlad while searching for the Rubaiyat in Boiler Room 3, and requests that Carlson retrieve a package for him from Sasha. He'll shoot Carlson if the spy attempts to leave with the book. If Carlson ignores the Rubiayat, Vlad will take it when Carlson returns with the package. Alternatively, Carlson can hide the book in one of the other coal chutes. Vlad will not find it and leave the Boiler Room, leaving Carlson free to recover the book safely.  

The next time Vlad is seen is in the Engine Room at the entrance to the False Smokestack when Carlson goes to get the notebook. This time, however, he is not as good-natured as earlier; Sasha will have informed him that Carlson is interfering, and will engage in a fist-fight. Frank can either win or lose, he'll still be able to proceed.

If the player opts to give Colonel Zeitel the gas pen at the top of the smokestack, when climbing back down to the Engine Room Vlad will violently attack Carlson with a giant wrench, knocking him out cold before stealing the notebook.

In the second part of the game during the ship's sinking, Vlad can be found at the bottom of the stairs in the Turbine Room next to all of the valves. He is standing over the body of Sasha, whom he murdered after discovering that Sasha planned to keep the proceeds of his illicit transactions, rather than use the money to fund the Black Hand. He will, at this point, have taken back the Rubaiyat if Sasha had retrieved it. He will also steal Georgia Lambeth's necklace from Sasha, planning to sell that to fund the Black Hand as well. He will not be aware if the necklace is the real one or the fake one.

Vlad will ask Carlson if he knows of a way to help Vlad get on a lifeboat, as women and children first is the rule. If Frank has spoken to Claris Limehouse and received her shawl, Frank can offer to give it to him in exchange for the Rubaiyat, the real necklace, or the notebook. He may only make one trade, however, so if Vlad is in possession of more than one item, it will not be possible to obtain a perfect ending. It is not possible to trade the shawl for the fake necklace. If Vlad has no items to trade, Carlson will simply give him the shawl and ask for nothing.

The player may not even need to speak with Vlad: He may have already obtained the Rubaiyat and the necklace, and Zeitel may have the notebook. In which case, he can be completely avoided.

In the ending, Carlson reveals that Vlad left the sinking Titanic and survived, no matter what items were collected, and regardless of whether the shawl is given to him or not. Vlad's photograph in the album changes depending on whether or not he escaped with the necklace, the Rubaiyat, or was thwarted by Carlson.

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