Necklace of diamonds
The Authentic Necklace
Object information
Location Matryoshka doll in Sasha Barbicon's cabin
Usage Jewelry
Importance One of four key items to save in order to obtain a Perfect Game
Owner(s) Charles Lambeth
Sasha Barbicon
Leyland Trask's reading "The Lambeth necklace! It will come in handy before the night is over."

The necklace of diamonds, also known as the Real Lambeth Diamonds, is a highly valuable piece of jewelry that belongs to Lady Georgia Lambeth. It is one of the four key items of the game, along with the Rubaiyat, painting and notebook, that must be obtained and saved from the ship in order to obtain the perfect ending.

The necklace must not be confused with the fake glass necklace that Georgia gives to Carlson the first time they meet - this item is worthless and has no bearing on a perfect game. They can be told apart by checking them in the inventory viewer; the fake necklace is known as Georgia's Necklace while the real necklace is known as The Authentic Necklace.

How to obtain the Real NecklaceEdit

Georgia's Necklace

The fake diamonds

Unlike the other three key items, the necklace is not considered part of Frank Carlson's official mission. He can completely ignore the mission if he chooses.

  1. At the start of the game, meet with Georgia on the Boat Deck. Be sympathetic to her, and she will give you her necklace, the fake one.
  2. After obtaining the Rubaiyat and meeting Sasha Barbicon in the process, talk to Lord Charles Lambeth in the First Class Smoking Room. A player can also meet him on the Boat Deck after meeting with Georgia in her cabin. Again, be sympathetic to him and he will eventually disclose to you that Georgia's necklace is a fake, and that Sasha is in possession of the real one.
  3. Head to Sasha's cabin, A-14. At the end of the alcove his cabin is in, there will be a seaman who has lost his screwdriver and head back below decks to retrieve it. Examine the fusebox he was looking at. Turn off the power to A-14 and quit the box. Sasha will be heard leaving his cabin. You can talk to him, it does not affect anything. Then, restore the power to Sasha's cabin.
  4. Go inside Sasha's cabin and examine the Russian Doll on the dresser table. The necklace is hidden inside. To open it, you must arrange the four dials so that the numbers on all four sides add up to the total at the end. The top value is 15 - arrange the dials to 5,3,2,5 in that order.
  5. Click on the doll three times to open it and find the real necklace inside. At this point, you can either replace it with the fake necklace Georgia gave you, or use the map to jump to another part of the ship to leave Sasha's cabin, allowing you to keep both necklaces. Do not attempt to leave Sasha's cabin without replacing the real necklace with the fake one, or he will discover that you have stolen it and shoot you dead, resulting in a Game Over.

Regardless of which necklace is left in the doll, it will be taken by Sasha when the ship hits the iceberg. Sasha will then be killed by Vlad, who takes it from him.

If the player retains the fake necklace, he can try to use it as a bet for the boat pass against Buick Riviera. However, Riviera will recognize it as fake and will not accept the bet, saying that the necklace is "made of glass, I am afraid." The real necklace, however, is an acceptable bet.

If Carlson trades the shawl to Vlad for the necklace, he can leave the ship with both the real and fake necklaces. This has no bearing on the game other than the fact that he has the real necklace.

If the Necklace is missed in the first part of the game Edit

If you failed to do the above side quest, the real necklace can be obtained from Vlad Demonic in the Turbine Room during the ship's sinking. You must trade the shawl you received from Claris Limehouse with Vlad for the necklace.

Note that Vlad can have more than one item, but the player may only trade the shawl for one item in his possession.

Fate Edit

If the real necklace leaves with Vlad, he will sell it and use it to finance the Black Hand. This will eventually lead to Archduke Franz Ferdinand being assassinated. If the necklace leaves with Carlson or goes down with the ship by being lost to Buick Riviera, it will not finance the war.

Bugs Edit

The player can keep both necklaces if, after obtaining the real one, uses Fast Travel to avoid the door to Sasha's cabin. Both necklaces will stay in inventory, and can be checked with the Purser. The game will continue as if you switched the real necklace for the fake. The fake necklace will completely disappear from inventory after the ship strikes the iceberg, and will end up in Vlad's possession as if it had been switched in the nesting doll.

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