Object information
Location Given by Claris Limehouse in the First Class Lounge
Usage Clothing
Importance Used as a trade with Vlad Demonic if an important item is missing
Owner(s) Claris Limehouse
Leyland Trask's reading "I'm sorry, I'm getting no reading at all. Not even faintly!"

The shawl is an object that belongs to Claris Limehouse, whose cabin is located on D-Deck. She will hand it over to Frank when the ship is sinking and many of the passengers are in the First Class Lounge.

What to doEdit

Frank will talk with Claris as he enters the First Class Lounge through the doorway. She will refuse to leave the ship, wanting to stay behind and die with her beloved Willie von Haderlitz. She tells Frank to keep it, and, when he gets to New York, to go to Central Park and see the stars.

The shawl may be given to Vlad Demonic so that he may escape the ship disguised as a woman. He will give one item to the player in his possession: Either the Rubaiyat, the Necklace of diamonds, or the Notebook. If Vlad has more than one, the player may only choose one item to take. It is not possible to take the fake necklace from Vlad.

If Vlad has no items, Carlson will just give him the shawl.

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