Shailagh Hacker
Third Class Passenger
Biographical information
Born c. 1892, Ireland
Alias(es) Shay (by her brother)
Title(s) Miss
Residence Conklings London house (formerly)
Physical information
Gender Female
Family Jack Hacker (brother)
Edward Hacker (son)
Aboard the Titanic
Class Third Class
Cabin F-59
Occupation Parlour maid

Shailagh Hacker (born c. 1892)[1] was the Irish maid of Andrew Conkling and Beatrix Conkling, and is the mother of the former's newborn son, Eddie. Both she and her baby survive the sinking. She has a brother, Jack, who accompanies her and Eddie on the voyage.

Shailagh Hacker had been scheduled to sail to America on board the SS Philadelphia, but was transferred to the RMS Titanic due to a coal strike.

The Letter QuestEdit

Talking to Daisy Edit

Early on in the game, Frank Carlson will talk to Daisy Cashmore outside the Café Parisien and she will hand over a message from Andrew Conkling, who asks to meet in Scotland Road.

Meeting Conkling Edit

When Frank arrives, Conkling, who owns the steel firm that built the ship, will tell him about a young Irish maid who worked for him and his wife in their London home, but left the job a week prior to the voyage. He claims she also took an important letter with her and the contents contain information ruinous to the Conklings and his company. He says that both she and her brother are on the ship and asks Frank to meet them in his place.

The Hackers Edit

Frank must head to the Poop Deck. Jack seems very cold but demands a ransom for the letter - $5,000. Frank says he will talk to the Conklings and arranges to meet Jack and Shailagh again at 1am. Shailagh admits that she has a baby she fathered by an affair with Conkling on board.

Beatrix and the Baby Edit

When Frank talks to Andrew Conkling in his stateroom, B-59, they are interrupted by his wife, Beatrix. She suggests that Shailagh is ungrateful for their employment. Through the conversation with the Hackers and the Conklings, it becomes increasingly apparent that Beatrix was aware of Shailagh's pregnancy and was planning to steal the child, since she is apparently barren.

Shailagh in Third-class Edit

Go back to meet Shailagh in her 3rd Class cabin, F-59. She will talk about her son Eddie and the letter, which she threatens to publish.

The Sinking and the PaintingEdit


Shailagh Hacker leaves the sinking ship with Eddie.

The Hackers will be in the Second-class staircase whether or not Carlson pursued the letter quest before the sinking.

The Hackers in Trouble Edit

When Frank tries to head down the Second Class Stairwell, he will encounter Jack and Shailagh on the C-Deck landing, who say that Beatrix has kidnapped Eddie. Frank tells them he will return the baby to them and they hand over the letter. If the painting was not retrieved from the cargo hold by Carlson then Jack Hacker will have it, saying "the German", meaning Willi Von Haderlitz, never came back for it. He will offer it to Carlson in exchange for the safe return of Eddie.

Beatrix on the Boat Deck Edit

Head up to the Boat Deck where Beatrix Conkling is one of the many passengers waiting to board a lifeboat. She will move around the deck, depending on how long the ship has been sinking. Tell her that the baby doesn't belong to her and when she refuses to hand him over, tell her that you have the letter and will publish it. She will hand Eddie over in exchange for the letter.

Saving the Baby Edit

Head back down the Second Class Stairwell and hand Eddie back to Jack and Shailagh. Jack will give Carlson the painting if it was not retrieved from the cargo bay.

The Fitzgerald Album Page Edit

Shailagh Fitzgerald

Shailagh Fitzgerald in Carlson's Album during the closing monologue.

Following the sinking, it is implied that Shailagh changed her name to Shailagh Fitzgerald, and started a new life in America through a annotated page in Carlson's album. This page will only appear in the closing monologue if Willi retrieved the painting from the Cargo Hold and Carlson therefore has to complete the painting quest by saving Shailagh Hacker and her baby.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Conkling: "Her name is Shailagh Hacker. She's twenty or thereabouts."
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