Sasha Barbicon
First Class Passenger
Biographical information
Died 15 April, 1912
Turbine Room, RMS Titanic
Physical information
Gender Male
Aboard the Titanic
Class First Class
Cabin A-14
Occupation Art dealer, owner of the Barbicon Galleries
Loyalty Black Hand

Sasha Barbicon is an Anglo-Serbian art dealer who owns the Barbicon Galleries in London. He is travelling to America on the Titanic to exhibit some of his paintings in American galleries. A generally kind and polite man, Sasha does have a sinister side however - he is a very selfish and narrow minded person who uses his wealth generated from his gallery in London to help fund and front meetings of sympathizers for the Serbian Black Hand.

On the Titanic mission, Sasha has a deal set in place with Colonel Zeitel. Sasha has a particular painting in his art collection that Zeitel must retrieve for the German authorities, as it contains top secret British war plans that would give the Germans a decisive advantage in a possible upcoming war. In exchange for the painting, Zeitel would give Sasha the Rubaiyat, an expensive book Zeitel recovered which was stolen in Paris several months before the sailing, who would sell it to raise funds for the dangerous Black Hand.


Sasha Barbicon holding the crate in which the painting was stored.

He is also close with Lady Georgia Lambeth, having had an intimate affair with her a few months prior to the sailing. In a seperate event, Lord Charles Lambeth, who had found out about their affair, planned to use Sasha to exact revenge on Georgia by replacing her necklace as a fake and giving Sasha the real necklace of diamonds. Once in America, Sasha would sell the necklace and receive 20% of the takings, allowing Charles to get the remaining 80% which he could use to pay off his debts, lock Georgia away in a sanitorium and then sail back to England a free man. During the Titanic voyage, Sasha keeps the jewels in a Russian Doll inside his cabin, A-14.

Dead Sasha Barbicon

Vlad Demonic stands over Sasha's dead body, as the ship sinks.

Sasha is killed in the second part of the game by Vlad Demonic in the Turbine Room during the sinking, after discovering that Sasha is not planning on using the funds generated from the sale of the necklace and the Rubaiyat for the Black Hand, but instead for his own personal gain, and reveals to Carlson that it is practice within the Black Hand to shoot deserters dead like dogs.

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