The Rubaiyat
Object information
Location Boiler Room #3
Manufacturer Omar Khayyam
Usage Persian poetry
Importance One of four items needed to obtain a Perfect Game
Owner(s) Colonel Zeitel
Leyland Trask's reading "Incredible, the Rubaiyat! The one stolen in Paris! It is coveted. And bloodshed surrounds it. This book will bring sorrow to the world!"
"The Rubaiyat's a book. A collection of medieval Persian poetry — a passion of His Lordship's. Poetry! Persians! The German High Command must think it's important enough to have their top man smuggle the lot onboard."
Penny Pringle

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is a jewel-encrusted book of medieval Persian quotes and poetry. It serves as the first of the game's four key items that must be obtained and recovered by the end of the game to ensure a favorable outcome to history.

How to obtain the RubaiyatEdit

1. Take the 2nd Class stairs and head all the way down to the Turbine Room, accessed from the F-Deck Second Class cabins (where Penny's cabin is located).

2. Proceed along the catwalk in the Turbine Room to the Control Room. A crew member will prevent Carlson from proceeding further and will say that he needs help with the turbines. Carlson must offer to help, saying that he's on official business, which the worker will think he is with the White Star Line.

3. An instruction manual will show how to work everything out properly. It is not difficult. Once that is completed move on to the next room.

4. Keeping going forward until Carlson is in Boiler Room 3. There he will meet a Serbian stowaway named Vlad Demonic, who he must talk to. Vlad will talk about why he's down there and request a package from Sasha Barbicon.

5. Instead of immediately leaving the room, head down the stairs and the Rubaiyat wil be hidden in coal chute #4. Take it out, place it in another coal chute and then leave. Do not attempt to climb the ladder with the Rubaiyat in your possession or Vlad will intercept you and shoot you dead, resulting in a Game Over.

6. Go to Sasha Barbicon's cabin, A-14, and tell him that Vlad wants his package. Sasha will talk about Vlad's situation before handing it over.

7. Head back to Boiler Room #3 and give the package to Vlad, who will say that the Rubaiyat is now gone and he will leave to tell the news to Sasha. After he departs, go back down the stairs and retrieve the book. With Vlad gone, it is now safe to leave the Boiler Room with the Rubaiyat.

If the Rubaiyat is missed first time roundEdit

If the player forgets to do the above, Vlad will receive the Rubaiyat. However, it is still possible to get it back from him in the second part of the game during the sinking. By going to the First Class Lounge and receiving Claris Limehouse's shawl, Carlson can exchange it with Vlad to retrieve the book. Note that Vlad may have more than one item, as he may also have the Necklace of diamonds or the Notebook. You may only obtain one item for the shawl, and there is nothing else Vlad will want.

Willi Von Haderlitz's cluesEdit

After Willi's death, Carlson will come across two passages from the book - one that he will find by Willi's body in the Electric Bath and the other will be recited by Jack Hacker. By taking both passages to Leyland Trask he can do a reading of both:

First Clue: "Certainly! Mmm, a passage from the Rubaiyat! 'Many knots unravel'd'... could mean a rope? Complete the rest of the riddle and you'll find your answer!"

Second Clue: "Aha, the Rubaiyat again! 'But still a garden by the water blows'.. Well, we are on the water! Garden... where is there a profusion of greenery onboard? Figure it out!" If asked again: "I'd go and check the Cafe Parisian, you might find something there!"

Fate Edit

If the Rubaiyat leaves with Vlad, he will sell it, and use the money to finance the Black Hand, and eventually, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. If the Rubaiyat leaves the ship with Carlson, or goes down with the ship by losing it to Buick Riviera, it will not finance the war.


A copy of the book was aboard the RMS Titanic, but was lost in the sinking.


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