Ribeena Gorse-Jones
First Class Passenger
Biographical information
Marital status Married
Residence Country estate in Haltwhistle
Physical information
Gender Female
Family information
Family Henry Gorse-Jones (husband)
Aboard the Titanic
Class First Class
Cabin A-19
Accompanied by Her husband
"I was just commenting to Henry: on a White Star crossing one meets all the right people."
—Ribeena Gorse-Jones.

Ribeena Gorse-Jones is a wealthy elderly lady from Haltwhistle, in Northumberland, England. She is married to Henry Gorse-Jones, a relationship marked by a constant nagging of one another.

Mrs. Gorse-Jones dislikes social climbers and her vigilance against them can only be compared to her husband's keen lookout for threats to Great Britain and King George V following his participation on the Indian Rebellion of 1857.[1]

In 1912, the Gorse-Joneses boarded the RMS Titanic, and were assigned cabin A-19. They met Frank Carlson when he stumbled into them and trod on Mr. Gorse-Jones's toe on the Grand Staircase.

Later on, during the sinking, the couple was shocked at the hubbub and lapse of social order. Mrs. Gorse-Jones was particularly abhorred by the presence of people "not dressed for first cabin" in what was clearly First Class territory. However, after a brief chitchat with Carlson, she thought she had heard running water, and urged her husband to go towards the lifeboats. The couple was offered a seat in one of the first few boats, and asked Carlson if he would join them.

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