Quotes by Penny Pringle.

Penny Pringle: "Glory be! It's about time! You're late! Another five minutes, and I'd have canceled your mission."
Frank Carlson: "You must be the one who sent me the card."
Penny Pringle: "Yes. I'm Pringle. Penny Pringle. From the Bureau of Secret Service. You didn't think they'd plunk you down on this bucket of bolts and millionaires alone, did you?"
Frank Carlson: "I'm sorry for being late."
Penny Pringle: "What a botch-up! Some idiot in the War Office booked me into second — not first class. I've had a fine time of it, too! The crew wouldn't let me in the first cabin at all! It's just today I've located you."
Penny Pringle and Frank Carlson in the Gymnasium
Frank Carlson: "What did you want to tell me?"
Penny Pringle: "Look at this… [shows photograph] A German colonel named Zeitel. He's inspecting their embassies in Havana, Washington, and Mexico City. We know better. Ten days ago, the Bureau got word that Zeitel has in his possession a priceless copy of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam. Stolen two months ago in Paris after its purchase by a very highly placed member of His Majesty's Government."
Frank Carlson: "What's the Rubaiyat?"
Penny Pringle: "The Rubaiyat's a book. A collection of medieval Persian poetry — a passion of His Lordship's. Poetry! Persians! The German High Command must think it's important enough to have their top man smuggle the lot onboard."
Frank Carlson and Penny Pringle in the Gymnasium
Frank Carlson: "What's Zeitel going to do with it?"
Penny Pringle: "It's your job to find out! His Lordship's watching this very closely. Very closely indeed! I wouldn't fumble this chance, either. Unless you fancy spending the rest of your career in some grotty Midlands back-office shuffling paper about."
Frank Carlson: "What are the Germans up to?"
Penny Pringle: "Have you seen the report? In your trunk? On the international situation? I'd jolly well read it if I were you."
Frank Carlson and Penny Pringle in the Gymnasium
Frank Carlson: "Is Zeitel traveling alone?"
Penny Pringle: "No, he's with a protégé. Name of Haderlitz, I believe. The two spend a great deal of time in the Café Parisian. Nibbling pastries. Get into the wireless room, I don't know or care how. Officer Morrow wouldn't let me in. See if Zeitel's received or sent any telegrams about the Rubaiyat. You've a criptograph in your trunk. It will unscramble the German codes for you. Use the brains God gave you. Watch people. Listen. When you find the Rubaiyat, knock on my door."
Frank Carlson: "Which cabin are you in?"
Penny Pringle: "Cabin F-34. Use the second class stairs. You should be set. Remember: this is your big chance. Don't fail!"
Frank Carlson and Penny Pringle in the Gymnasium
"Try to intercept Zeitel's telegrams. Get inside the wireless room! Surely someone on board knows what he's up to. And don't forget the criptograph in your trunk. It will unscramble the German codes. Most importantly, find the Rubaiyat! Meanwhile, I'll conduct my own investigation. Off with you, now! Go!"
Penny Pringle

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