Penny Pringle
Second Class Passenger
Physical information
Gender Female
Hair colour Brunette
Aboard the Titanic
Class Second Class
Cabin F-34
Lifeboat Lifeboat 15
Loyalty British Secret Service
"Glory be, it's about time, you're late! Another five minutes and I’d have cancelled your mission."
—Penny Pringle.
Penny's Message

Penny's message delivered by Smethells

Penny Pringle is an agent working for the British Secret Service. In the game, she serves as the straight talking, hard headed contact of fellow agent, Frank Carlson. Gameplay wise, Penny acts as a kind of guide, directing Frank as to what to do next, as well as giving him some information concerning the bigger picture of the world stage. She also assists in the mission with the handling of certain objects and the gathering of information.


Like Frank, Penny was assigned to the Titanic mission by the Service. An oversight occured however, and she was accidentally booked into Second Class rather than First. Despite causing a ruckus over it, she was not allowed to relocate to First Class. As a result, her ability to move around the ship was limited, and she was not able to effectively track Colonel Zeitel, the man she and Frank had been ordered to watch, as he was travelling in First Class.

On the night of April 14th, she sent a message via Carlson's steward, John Smethells, ordering him to meet her by the electric camel, an exercise machine in the Gymnasium.

When Carlson arrives, she briefs him on his mission and the situation. She explains the disappearance of the jeweled Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and gives information on prime suspect, Colonel Zeitel, a German whose purpose appears to be inspecting embassies in America. Penny also informs Frank that Zeitel is travelling with a young protege, Willi Von Haderlitz. Penny wants Carlson to start the mission by getting into the wireless room and intercept any of Zeitel's telegrams to try to discover the whereabouts of the Rubaiyat. She says that she "doesn't care where or how", just so long as he does it.

Regardless of whether Carlson succeeds in getting the Rubaiyat or not, he learns about an English/Serbian art dealer named Sasha Barbicon and that Zeitel was to exchange the Rubaiyat for a particular painting that Sasha has in his possession. When he informs Penny of this, she reveals she has discovered Sasha is Zeitel's Titanic contact, who smuggles art, and "isn't above selling stolen goods". She deduces that the painting is what Zeitel is really after, and impores Carlson to recover it by gaining access to the ship's Cargo Hold - again not caring where or how.

Again, regardless of whether Carlson succeeds in retrieving the painting or not, Penny offers an insight into why Zeitel and the German Command need this particular painting so badly - the rear of the canvas contains a secret map showing British troop deployments in Northern France and the Low Countries. With this information, Germany would be able to annihalate the British forces in the area before they could even lift a finger, in what would be a crippling and probably decisive blow in any potential war.

Shortly afterwards, Penny meets Carlson on the Boat Deck and informs him that Barbicon and Zeitel are engaged in a heated converstation further aft, and asks Carlson to listen in, which he can do from the A-Deck Promenade on the deck below. The pair begin a heated argument about the missing painting (as either Carlson or Willie have it at this point). Zeitel also reveals at this point he has discovered that Willie is a spy, and promises to take care of him shortly.

A little later, Zeitel murders Willie by rigging the Electric Bath to malfunction disasterously.  Penny immediately suspects that Zeitel has murdered him, and issues Carlson with a Gas Pen,  stating that "someone wants that painting badly enough to kill for it", and that things are getting deeper and Carlson will need protection.

The next time Penny is seen mandatorily is after the Titanic has hit the iceberg. She arrives in Frank's cabin, C-73, to wake him from his daze after being shot by Zeitel/knocked out by Vlad. She briefs him on the ship's helpless situation; there is only an hour or so left until the Titanic sinks, and reminds Carlson that he must get all of the evidence off of the ship before it is lost forever. She also reveals more information on the notebook, which must be secured from Zeitel/Vlad. She hands back the key items Carlson has up to this point in the game (in a perfect game should be the Rubaiyat, the Painting and the Real Diamond Necklace). She then goes up to the Boat Deck and is found at the aft end on the starboard side outside the Second Class Stairs. It is not necessary to talk to her again, but if Frank is missing any of the key items or is struggling to get off of the ship, she can give strong hints on where to get them/what to do. Penny waits on deck for as long as possible before eventually taking a space on a lifeboat, and leaves Carlson to find his own way off of the ship.


Regardless of how well Frank does in his misson, Penny will always escape the Titanic and return to work at the Service.

When Frank was summoned by the chief of the Secret Service and fired for failing his mission, Penny stood up for Frank and attested to his loyalty, but it was in vain and Frank lost his job, and his livelihood, anyway.


Penny was in cabin F-34, booked into second class instead of first by a mistake.

The only times Penny is seen outside of her cabin are at the initial briefing in the gymnasium, briefly on the Boat Deck and after the ship starts to sink.

Penny does not ever mention nor allude to the necklace of diamonds - although it is a crucial item that must be saved to prevent the Black Hand from getting its funds, it is not part of the official mission and the Secret Service are not aware of Barbicon's allegiance to the Serbs. 

There is only one time Penny mentions the necklace and that is when Carlson is in possession of it. "And make sure that necklace doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Up we go. Now get cracking!" is her only mention of the necklace in the whole game. She also mentions it if you don't have it.

Lifepreserver The Titanic - Adventure Out of Time Wiki has a quotes page pertaining to Penny Pringle.

She also appears to show genuine respect and care for Carlson; during the sinking she says that "if the worst comes to the worst" she will take the key items from Carlson and leave the ship, but states that she hopes it doesn't come to that (note however, this is not possible to do in the game anyway, Frank must escape the ship or it is a Game Over). She also stands up for Carlson when he is fired by the Service after the first failed mission.

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