The Painting
The Painting
Object information
Location Cargo Hold
Manufacturer Adolf Hitler
Usage Artwork
Importance One of four items needed to obtain a Perfect Game
Owner(s) Sasha Barbicon
Leyland Trask's reading "A painting! The artist's clearly no master... Take it away! It makes me uncomfortable!"

The Painting is one of the four key items of the game which must be located and recovered by the player if a favourable ending is to be obtained. The painting itself is a rather unsuspicious street scene watercolour of a grand manor house in Austria, painted by a young Adolf Hitler. The Painting is titled The Courtyard Of The Old Residency In Munich.

The painting is being shipped on board by Lamke & Buchner Ltd, on behalf of Sasha Barbicon, and is to be exchanged for the Rubaiyat by Colonel Zeitel. The Colonel wants the painting desperately, for it's true value - on the rear of the painting there is a secret map detailing British troop deployments and positions in northern France and the Low Countries. Such information would give the Germans a vital advantage - should war break out.

Unknown to Zeitel (and Frank Carlson and Pringle at the time, they only find out later), Willi Von Haderlitz is also in pursuit of the painting - but rather than to aid the German cause, he decides to give it to Jack Hacker.

The plans are actually of little importance to the plot: Carlson remarks in the epilogue that the measures are scrapped in a cost-cutting measure. However, if the painting leaves the ship with Carlson, it becomes famous. Hitler's artistic career takes off, he opens several galleries, and, in the mid-40s, he sells alpine vistas to wealthy patrons. If the painting leaves with Zeitel or goes down with the ship, Hitler will come to power in Germany.

How to obtainEdit

When Carlson meets Penny Pringle shortly after obtaining/not obtaining the Rubaiyat, she will tell him to obtain a painting that is being housed in the ship's cargo hold. To find out what the painting is like, Carlson must go visit the Purser's Office. He will be muttering the name "Thayer", so Carlson questions him further and the Purser says that Mr. Thayer needs a telegram to be sent, so Carlson offers to send it for him. He must also take note of the set of keys on the board behind the Purser. Head to the Wireless Room and if Carlson was allowed by Officer Morrow to enter after talking to him, he should be able to send the telegram.

Once Carlson has done this, he returns to the Purser's Office and informs him that the telegram has been sent. The Purser leaves his post to deliver the news. Now the cargo manifest can be examined and the painting details are written under the name "Lemke & Buechner" and shows Sasha Barbicon as the person who possesses it.

When the Purser returns to his post, Carlson says he needs to get into the cargo hold. The Purser tells him to go away and then says he's busy, as Isidor Strauss has lost his cufflink. Again, Carlson offers to locate it for him. Go to D Deck Reception room. Talk to Max Seidelmann and he'll say he saw the Strausses sitting at the foot of the stairs. Examine the chair on the left and you'll find the cufflink. Once he has found it, he must give it to the Purser, who will deliver it at once. The Purser leaves again and now Carlson can take the keys. Go back to the cargo hold and the crew member allows Carlson to enter the cargo hold. Carlson must find the correct cargo hold (move forward 3 times, turn and open the door to your right) and once inside he turns on the headlights of a motor car, which lights up a lone crate on the opposite side of the hold.

Painting or no painting?Edit

It is vital that the player completes the above tasks as quickly as possible. If too much time is taken in reaching the cargo hold, Carlson will find that the painting has already been ripped out of its frame, because someone has got there before him. Some people have also stated that talking to Colonel Zeitel in the D-Deck Reception Room before going down to the Cargo Hold will also cause the painting to disappear, so it is advised to avoid him at all costs while in the room.

If the painting is missing, it can be obtained again later in the game during the ship's sinking - Jack Hacker was given the painting by Haderlitz and will give it to Carlson if he rescues Shailagh's baby from Beatrix Conkling. This can be done by exchanging Conkling's letter with Beatrix for the baby. They are found on D-Deck of the Second Class Staircase during the sinking.

The painting may be traded to Zeitel in exchange for the Antidote to rescue Georgia Lambeth. Carlson can get it back from Zeitel by exchanging the Boat Pass for it.

Trivia Edit

  • The game slipped up on its accuracy by including the painting as one of the objects that must be obtained since it was not actually painted by Adolf Hitler until 1914 - two years after the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
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