The Notebook
The Notebook
Object information
Location At the top of the false smokestack
Importance One of four items needed to obtain a Perfect Game
Owner(s) Willie von Haderlitz
Leyland Trask's reading "Mr. Haderlitz's notebook! Don't you lose it! The information it holds is important!"

The notebook is one of the four key items which Frank Carlson must save from the ship if the perfect ending is to be achieved.


The notebook contains a list of Russian Revolutionaries, the Communists. who were actively trying to undermine the Russian Czar at the time.

Zeitel's previous mission was working with and encouraging these men, as Germany and Russia were enemies at the time. Willi Von Haderlitz was to keep track of them. Unbeknownst to Zeitel, however, Willi was a Tsarist sympathizer, and planned on turning the list over to the Okrana, Russia's secret police.

On the other hand, Colonel Zeitel would rather the notebook did not reach the Russians, as these revolutionaries would damage the Russian Czar and weaken the Russian state, making it an easy target for a war-mongering Germany to conquer.

Frank Carlson learns of the notebook by talking with Claris Limehouse, while Penny Pringle informs him as to what is inside, and instructs him to retrieve it.

Finding the notebookEdit

The notebook is found at the top of the fourth smokestack. Frank can either surrender it to Zeitel, or gas Zeitel and attempt to escape, only to be ambushed by Vlad who steals it. Either way, it can be retrieved during the second half of the game during the sinking. If Zeitel stole it, it is found in his cabin, C-59, but Carlson must defuse a bomb before being able to leave safely with it. If Vlad stole it, Frank can trade it for Claris' Shawl so that Vlad can escape from the ship.

If the notebook does not leave with Carlson, either by being kept by Vlad or left on the sinking ship, the Bolshevik's take power and turn Russia into the USSR.

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