"Here, a map of the ship for you. Compliments of the White Star Line. I have taken the liberty of indicating your cabin, C-73, for you."
John Smethells.

The map is a document detailing the layout of the decks of the RMS Titanic. Frank Carlson is given a copy of this map on the evening of 14 April, 1912, by his steward John Smethells.

After the ship strikes the iceberg jumping to red areas on the map is disabled.

The MapEdit

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Boat DeckEdit

Grand StaircaseStarboard VestibulePort VestibuleBridgeGymnasiumSecond Class StairwellWireless RoomCompassSecond Class PromenadeRaised Roof Over First Class Smoking RoomRaised Roof Over First Class PromenadeFirst Class PromenadeOfficers' PromenadeOfficers' PromenadeEngineers' PromenadeLifeboat 1Lifeboat 2Lifeboat 3Lifeboat 4Lifeboat 5Lifeboat 6Lifeboat 7Lifeboat 8Lifeboat 9Lifeboat 10Lifeboat 11Lifeboat 12Lifeboat 13Lifeboat 14Lifeboat 15Lifeboat 16BoatDeckMap

A DeckEdit

Grand StaircaseA-14Aft Grand StaircaseFirst Class LoungeA-Deck PromenadeSecond Class StairwellSmoking RoomCorridors to First Class LoungeCorridors to First Class LoungeADeckMap

B Deck (Bridge Deck)Edit

Aft Grand StaircaseSecond Class StairwellGrand StaircaseB-70B-59Cafe ParisianSecond Class StairwellForecastle DeckPoop DeckBDeckMap

C Deck (Shelter Deck)Edit

Grand StaircaseSecond Class StairwellAft Grand StaircaseC-73C-59C-78Purser's OfficeCDeckMap

D Deck (Saloon Deck)Edit

Second Class StairwellFirst Class ReceptionGrand StaircaseCorridor to Squash CourtD-19DDeckMap

E Deck (Upper Deck)Edit

Reception StairsCorridor to Squash CourtScotland RoadSecond Class StairwellEngine RoomEDeckMap

F Deck (Middle Deck)Edit

StairwellSecond Class StairwellTurkish BathElectric BathCorridor to Squash CourtSquash CourtF-34F-32F-59FDeckMap

G Deck (Tank Top)Edit

Turbine RoomControl RoomEngine RoomBoiler RoomsCargo HoldGDeckMap

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Titanic: The Lost Mission, the demo version of the game, an alternate map is shown. The map is present at the beginning of the game, on top of Carlson's dresser along with his watch, and it is not given to him by Smethells. Since the demo features significantly less of the ship than the complete game, the demo's map only covers A-Deck and the Boat Deck.
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