Lift Attendant
Biographical information
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Blond
Family information
Aboard the Titanic
Occupation Operates the lift in the Grand Staircase

The Lift Attendant operates the lift in the Grand Staircase and can provide Frank with detailed directions to any part of the ship. He provides hints to the whereabouts of The Lady Georgia Lambeth and Andrew Conkling ("Up a bit late aren't you? just like Mr.Conkling, he's a night owl too!") when they are accessible to Carlson.

The lifts are shut down when the Titanic hits the iceberg and the attendant is not seen after this. It can be presumed he dies in the sinking given the large amount of crew that perished. In addition, the lifts cannot be used and the attendant does not appear in 'tour mode'.

Behind the scenesEdit

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