John Smethells
Biographical information
Residence England, UK
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Black
Aboard the Titanic
Cabin C-73
Occupation Steward
"Good evening. I am Smethells, your steward. And if I may say so, it is good to see you up and about. You've been in your cabin the whole voyage. A touch of the mal de mer, was it?"

John Smethells is the straight-laced prim and proper English steward of Carlson and Willi Von Haderlitz. Smethells has worked for the White Star Line since 1892, and has never met a passenger he couldn't help.[1] He appears at the start of the game to provide the player with instructions on how to move around and collect items, as well as providing Frank with his map of the ship, and even mentions CyberFlix's website. He can then provide general assistance throughout the game and can sometimes direct the player to his next objective.

"Two-thousand two-hundred on board, and they all want messages delivered — promptly. Even if it is 1912, and the Titanic the most advanced means of sea conveyance ever devised, I still have only two hands."
—John Smethells.

The only other times Smethells is spoken to mandatorily is when he delivers a message from another passenger he is assigned to, Willie, to Carlson about meeting in the Squash Court. Finally, he is encountered outside the Turkish Bath with Third Officer Morrow in the aftermath of Willie being murdered by Colonel Zeitel.

Rather strangely, Smethells is not seen again after the Titanic collides with the iceberg and is presumed to have gone down with the ship given the large number of crew that were lost.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. On the original Cyberflix website, Smethells was said to have "been with the White Star Line for 20 years and has never met a passenger he couldn’t help."
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