Jack Hacker
Third Class Passenger
Biographical information
Born Ireland
Died April 15, 1912
RMS Titanic (sunk), Atlantic Ocean
Physical information
Gender Male
Family Shailagh Hacker (sister)
Edward Hacker (nephew)
Aboard the Titanic
Class Third Class
Accompanied by Shailagh Hacker (sister)
Edward Hacker (nephew)
"What did I tell you, Shay? I knew he'd not come in person."
—Jack Hacker

Jack Hacker is a third class Irish passenger and brother of Shailagh Hacker. Sailing with his sister to help her start life anew in America, he acts as Shailagh's protector and attempts to barter with Andrew Conkling for ransom money in exchange for a damning letter.

Second Mission Edit

Upon learning of his sister's pregnancy and subsequent escape from the Conklings with the letter in tow, Jack read the letter's contents and saw how it could be used as a way to get money for his sister's new life. Transferred on board the Titanic along with Shailagh, he strikes up a deal to meet with Conkling on the Poop Deck on the night of April 14th to discuss terms.

If Frank Carlson takes time during his mission to aid the Conklings, Jack is furious that Conkling did not come himself and sent someone else instead. He demands $5,000 in exchange for the letter as part of a ransom.

Carlson also speaks with Jack later in the game by following the clues left behind in the wake of Willi von Haderlitz's murder. Jack accuses Carlson of poking his nose into people's business before reciting a passage from the Rubaiyat after Willi paid him to do. He hands the passage to Carlson in the form of a piece of paper torn from the book at the same time.

During the sinking of the Titanic later on, Carlson can meet with both Jack and Shailagh in the Second Class Stairwell where they tell him that Beatrix Conkling has kidnapped Shailagh's baby. If Carlson failed to take the painting from the Cargo Hold before Willi, Jack will have it with him after saying it was left with him. He offers the painting in exchange for getting Eddie back.

Upon returning Eddie, and possibly handing over the painting, Jack thanks Carlson for his help and implores him to get his sister to a lifeboat. Though Shailagh protests, Jack claims there will be little chance of him getting out alive thanks to his class and status. He eventually goes down with the ship.

Behind the scenesEdit

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