The town of Haltwhistle is located in Northumberland, United Kingdom. It is refered to as the home of Henry and Ribeena Gorse-Jones, where they have a country estate. Haltwhistle is a real town, and was included in the game because Cyberflix developers visited the town while researching their Titanic build.

The Gorse-JonesesEdit

When Frank Carlson meets Henry and Ribeena in one of the Grand staircase froyers, they will introduce themselves as being from Haltwhistle, while trying to place Frank as either British or American.

The Olympic FittingsEdit

The choice of the Gorse-Jones's hometown of Haltwhistle was a reference to the actual Northumberland town which used to boast a large collection of RMS Olympic fittings, including a working purser's window. The fittings were installed in the canteen and employee lounge of Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings, a paint factory. Cyberflix's head writer, Andrew Nelson, visited the site in August 1995.[1] In 2004 the company auctioned off the collection to private buyers.[2]
"I want to thank you and --- for taking the time from your schedule to show me the Olympic fittings at the Hadrian Works. They will be most helpful to us in our effort to "float" the Titanic in cyberspace."
—Andrew Nelson, writer at Cyberflix
Fittings are the wooden panels, decorations, and window-frames fit into an otherwise bare wooden or steel ship to give it a more luxurious or at least comfortable feeling for passengers. It was common practice to remove the fittings of luxury liners like the Olympic before the ship was sent to be broken up. Fittings were often elaborate and made of expensive wood, but could be purchased relatively cheaply at auction which is how they have come to be found in pubs, hotels, and lounges often in towns near ports.

The Real HaltwhistleEdit

Haltwhistle, Northumberland, is located at the geographical centre of Britain. It is three miles away from a particularly intact segment of Hadrian's Wall and benefits from the associated tourism and from the natural beauty of the town and surrounding landscape. The Tyne River passes by the town and it is connected by rail to the port city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which was once an important coaling and tramp shipping centre in the North Sea.

No Gorse-Joneses ever had a country estate in Haltwhistle.


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