Lady Georgia Lambeth
First Class Passenger
Physical information
Gender Female
Hair colour Brunette
Eye colour Blue
Family information
Family Lord Charles Lambeth (husband)
Duke of Norwick (father)
Aboard the Titanic
Class 1st Class
Cabin B-70
Destination New York City, NY, USA.
Accompanied by Lord Charles Lambeth
Loyalty Frank Carlson
"Please, Georgia, continue! Was it my title or my income you found so desirable? I was never sure. Now that both assets are depleted, why don't you go to Sasha? Maybe he can help — as he's done before."
Lord Charles Lambeth.

Lady Georgia Lambeth is the wife of Lord Charles Lambeth, one time lover of Frank Carlson and friend of Sasha Barbicon, who she had an affair with.


Lady Georgia Lambeth was the daughter of the Duke of Norwick. She was a lover of Frank Carlson sometime in the past, but it is implied that she was not interested in marriage because she desired a title. The two parted on bad terms.[1] She met Lord Charles Lambeth at a house party, and they married in 1907.[2][3] The couple was happy, but after facing severe money problems, their marriage has broken down. Georgia met Sasha Barbicon at a party in June, 1911, and had an affair with him.[4] While with Sasha, she met many of his foreign allies, part of the Black Hand of Serbia. She believed Sasha's lie at first when he mentioned they were part of a Balkan aid society. But soon wised up when she realized they were looking for weapons. She later learned that they'd stolen the Painting, and that Sasha planned on selling it for money to fund terrorism. When she lectured Sasha, he told her he'd go public with their affair and ruin Georgia, so she stayed quiet.

Georgia writes a note to Carlson after discovering that he is also sailing on the Titanic, telling him to meet her on deck. On April 14th, 1912, Carlson leaves his cabin to meet Georgia, missing his meeting with Penny Pringle. During the meeting the Titanic hits an iceberg and the ship starts to go down. Georgia does not survive the sinking.

When Carlson gets the chance to try his mistakes again, the player has the chance to meet with Penny and with Georgia. While meeting with Georgia is optional, doing so will help the player obtain a Perfect Game. She also fills in a lot of the backstory regarding Andrew Conkling, her husband's debts, and some of the backstory regarding Sasha.

When she meets the player on the Boat Deck, if dealt with politely, she will give her diamond necklace to Carlson, intending for it to be safe from Charles in his possession. Unbeknownst to her, Charles has switched her necklace with a fake, giving the real one to Sasha to sell for 20% commission. Carlson can switch the necklaces back and retrieve the real one. It is not possible to tell Georgia of the switch.

Georgia will be poisoned by Zeitel after the ship strikes the iceberg, intent on using her life to get Carlson to give him the painting. If Carlson complies, Zeitel will provide the Antidote for Georgia, and tell him that she is waiting in Sasha's cabin. If she is rescued, she will go to the lifeboats, where she tells Carlson to talk to the officers and try to get on a boat with her. She will leave when the last lifeboat is launched.

It is heavily implied she wants to run away with Carlson, and use the money from the sale of the necklace to live comfortably with him, desiring a new start in New York.


Georgia and Charles share cabin B-70. Unbeknownst to Georgia, Charles plans to have his wife institutionalized as a lunatic in America, and then return to England free of his wife and debts to start a new life. According to Charles, "the law favours the husband in these matters; she can do nothing about it." Late-Victorian and Edwardian psychiatric medicine was primitive and women were frequently the target of misdiagnosis. Nelly Bly's infamous 1887 exposé Ten Days in a Mad-House shows that Charles probably could have succeeded in this scheme. Bly remarks that "from the moment I entered the insane ward on [Blackwell's] island I made no attempt to keep up the assumed role of insanity. I talked and actued just as I do in ordinary life. Yet strange to say, the more sanely I talked and acted, the crazier I was thought..."

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Carlson: "Who are you?"
    Georgia: "Who am I? But it's Georgia! The one person you could tell anything to! I don't blame you for not speaking to me. You told me one I cared only for a title. Well, I've got that now."
  2. Carlson: "Where did you two meet?"
    Charles: "Four years ago at a house party. She enchanted me. We got married and were happy."
  3. The original Cyberflix website, which is now defunct, describes their wedding as "The social event of 1907". This, coupled with the fact that, in-game, Lambeth says they were married "four years ago", implies that they were married in 1907 but sometime after April (thus setting the game before their 5th anniversary).
  4. Carlson: "Where did you and Sasha meet?"
    Georgia: "At a party last June. Sasha was quite passionate, a Slavic trait, I'm told. His mother came from Belgrade."
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