F Deck
Area Lowest complete deck of the RMS Titanic

F-Deck was the lowest complete deck of the Titanic. The only locations accessable in the game are the Second Class cabins, accessible via the Second Class Stairwell, the Third Class Cabins, accessible from Scotland Road forward (not accessible during the sinking), and the Turkish Bath, accessible from the Grand Staircase.

There are stairs down to G-Deck from the Second Class cabins.

Importance Edit

Carlson has to visit this deck often to update Penny Pringle on the progress of the mission. He will also need to pass by the Second Class area on F-Deck to access the Boiler Rooms and later Engine Rooms. The Turkish Baths are also located on F-Deck, which Carlson needs to visit to pick up a clue on Haderlitz's death.

Characters with CabinsEdit

1) Penny Pringle - F-34 (2nd Class)

2) Shailagh Hacker and her baby Eddie - F-59 (3rd Class)

3) Reverend Edgar Troutt - F-32 (2nd Class)