Edward Hacker
Third Class Passenger
Eddie Hacker
Biographical information
Alias(es) Eddie
Physical information
Gender Male
Family information
Family Shailagh Hacker (mother)
Andrew Conkling (father)
Jack Hacker (uncle)
Aboard the Titanic
Class Third Class
Cabin F-59

Edward "Eddie" Hacker is Shailagh Hacker's newborn baby and the biological son of Andrew Conkling, Shailagh's employer. The Conklings had planned Shailagh's affair with Andrew as they could not have babies of their own and plotted to steal Edward when he was born. Upon learning of their plan, Shailagh fled to try and sail to America to start a new life.

Second Mission Edit

If Frank Carlson involves himself with the Conklings and Shailagh during his mission, he can hear Edward cry for his mother upon meeting her outside her cabin.

Later on when the Titanic is sinking, Jack and Shailagh tell Carlson that Beatrix Conkling has stolen Edward from them and is planning to escape the ship with him. Carlson can aid in getting Edward back by exchanging him for a damning letter, earning his mother's and her brother's thanks and possibly the painting if it was not retrieved earlier.

Both Shailagh and Edward survive the sinking.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Edward Hacker is played by Austin Staub.
  • If Carlson is carrying Edward during the sinking and speaks to Penny Pringle on the Boat Deck, she exclaims in surprise that he's holding a baby.
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