Edgar Troutt
Second Class Passenger
Biographical information
Died 15 April, 1912
RMS Titanic (sunk), Atlantic Ocean
Title(s) The Reverend
Residence Sunapee, New Hampshire
Physical information
Gender Male
Family information
Family Emily Troutt (wife)
Aboard the Titanic
Class Second Class
Cabin F-32
Destination Sunapee, New Hampshire
Occupation Protestant Minister
"Do not forget God. And do not collude with the Godless! There are many on this ship."
—The Reverend Troutt.
Reverend Edgar Troutt (d. 15 April, 1912) is an American minister returning from a religious mission in Nyasaland to Sunapee, New Hampshire, where he and his late wife, Emily, lived. Trout informs Frank that Emily supposedly contracted intestinal parasites on the way back from Africa and died as soon as they reached Port Said. If Frank agrees to help with the mission, Troutt will give him a Prayer Card, that can be exchanged with Eric Burns for photographs.

The Reverend conducted a hymn service in the Second Class Lounge on the evening of 14 April, 1912, Titanic's first - and last - Sunday afloat, singing 'For All Those in Peril on the Sea'.

The Reverend refuses to leave the ship while there are women and children on board and remains consoling the doomed passengers on the Boat Deck until the very end.

Troutt's conservative views are perhaps purposeful to represent the common views and social attitudes of the era. This included inhibitions towards the mixing of social classes, and of an anti-socialist sentiment that would have been prevalent on the Titanic. 

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If the player fails to reach a lifeboat and remains behind on a doomed game, Trout will buckle and confess that he had siphoned funds from his mission in order to earn a passage on the Titanic, and believes that God is now punishing him for his misdeeds. His last words are that they will all meet their maker soon whilst laughing manically in a very disturbing manner.

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