Object information
Location Stuffed in a couch in the seat area of the First Class Reception on D-Deck
Usage Jewellery
Importance Needed to obtain the car keys from the Purser's Office in order to access the Cargo Hold.
Owner(s) Isidor Straus
"Away! Go away, I'm too busy! Mr Isidor Straus! He's lost a cufflink! And he's so particular!"
The Purser

This is an item of jewelry belonging to Isidor Straus.  It is part of solving the Painting Quest.

How to obtainEdit

1) Go to the Purser's Office and after looking through the Cargo Manifest ask to access the Cargo Hold. The Purser will say to go away and reveal that passenger Isidor Straus is missing a gold cufflink. Offer to find it for him.

2) When Carlson encounters Max Seidelmann in the First Class Reception area he will mention that Isidor Straus and his wife were at the foot of the stairs. There is a couch opposite the stairs and by searching it the cufflink can be found stuffed in the seating.

3) Return to the Purser's Office and hand the cufflink to him. Offer to inform Isidor Straus that the item has been found but the Purser will say that he doesn't want him to think that he isn't doing his job and will leave his post. Carlson may then retrieve the car keys from the rack.

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