Object information
Location C-73
Importance Deciphers the telegram revealing the location of the Rubaiyat
Owner(s) Frank Carlson

The cryptograph is a machine located in C-73  in one of the drawers of Frank Carlson 's trunk. It is used to decode a telegram sent by Colonel Zeitel to Sasha Barbicon and reveals the location of the Rubaiyat.

How to solve the puzzleEdit

  1. After speaking with Third Officer Morrow for a while and getting him on your side, he will allow you to visit the Wireless Room. This requires a certain dialogue string to achieve.
  2. Rummage through the desk until you find a suspicious telegram with a code on it. The code will read: </span>8754 ANHQSPPAIXWBFCXYAM
  3. Return to your cabin and open the drawer that contains the cryptograph. First connect the red and green wires and select 'Encode'.
  4. Next set the numerical dial to '8754' and input the code into the machine and select 'Decode'.
  5. If done correctly the decoded message will reveal the location of the Rubaiyat

Other UsesEdit

From the other messages which the cryptograph produces, it seems that there were going to be encoding/decoding activities linking the game with the Cyberflix website.

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