Conkling's Letter
The Letter
Object information
Location In the possession of Shailagh Hacker
Manufacturer Conkling Steel
Importance Used as a trade with Beatrix Conkling for Eddie Hacker
Leyland Trask's reading "Such venality! Possession of this letter can alter several people's fates."

Conkling's Letter is a confidential document written by someone at Conkling Steel to Andrew Conkling, containing details of the steel used in the construction of the ship. It is revealed that there is a high sulfur content, which will cause the steel to crack if the ship is involved in collision, therefore endangering the lives of everyone aboard.

Upon meeting Andrew Conkling for the first time he informs Carlson that his Irish maid, Shailagh Hacker, left his and Beatrix's home with the letter and he must meet her on the Poop Deck. Frank goes in his place and encounters both Shailagh and Jack Hacker, who demand money in return for the letter. Frank returns to the Conkling's cabin, B-59, and tells them the news.

Later on in the game, Carlson meets Shailagh (on her own this time) and she tells him that Beatrix Conkling had planned to steal her baby, Eddie (whose father is Andrew Conkling) as she had been unable to conceive any children of her own.

When the ship is sinking, Frank meets the Hackers in the Second Class Stairwell and they reveal that Beatrix Conkling has taken Eddie. Frank says he will get Eddie back if they give him the letter in exchange. On the Boat Deck, he encounters Beatrix and says he has the letter, threatening to publish it if she does not hand Eddie over. She reluctantly returns him in exchange for the letter, which will damage the Conklings' reputation if published. Frank returns Eddie to Shailagh and Jack but only Shailagh is seen getting off the ship.

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