Car Keys
Car Keys
Object information
Location Purser's Office
Usage Keys
Importance Needed to enter the Cargo Hold
Owner(s) W.E. Carter

During the game, Frank is requested to obtain a painting from the cargo hold. Passengers are generally prohibited from entering the cargo hold, so he needs a set of keys which are with the Purser. He heads to the Purser's Office and when he hears that Isidor Straus has lost his cufflink, he offers to locate it.

Once he does so the Purser leaves his post to deliver the cufflink. This leaves Frank the chance to swipe the keys from the key rack. Once Carlson leaves the cargo hold, with or without the painting, the keys disappear and are never seen again.

It is not possible to get a reading from Leyland Trask on the car keys, he cannot be found on the ship during the quest for the painting.

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