Café Parisien
Area Located on B-Deck starboard just off the Aft Grand Staircase
"Won't you call on us tomorrow? Here, in the café? The Linzer torte's quite passable for a British ship."
Colonel Zeitel

The Café Parisien was a Parisian-style cafe on the RMS Titanic. Located on B-Deck starboard just off the Aft Grand Staircase, it was promoted as a replica of a Parisian sidewalk cafe; a place where friends could meet for conversation with drinks (coffee or something stronger) and light refreshments.

The Café Parisien was the first of its kind on any British passenger liner. It was later installed on the RMS Olympic. On April 14, the night Titanic struck an iceberg, the menu included oysters, salmon, roast duckling, sirloin of beef, pate de foie gras, peaches in Chartreuse jelly and chocolate and vanilla éclairs.


The Café is visited twice during the course of the game. Carlson can be brought here by Max Seidelmann to meet Colonel Zeitel and Willi Von Haderlitz before pressing on to the First Class Smoking Room. The Colonel leaves his pipe behind, which can be used to track down the Rubaiyat if the player doesn't want to go to the Wireless Room. Carlson returns here later after finding a clue on Willie's personal effects, where he finds a pack of cigarettes.

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