C Deck
Area Accessible via the Grand Staircase and Aft Grand Staircase

C-Deck, also called the Shelter Deck, was the highest deck to run uninterrupted from stem to bow. It included the two well decks; the aft well deck served as part of the Third Class promenade.

Crew cabins were located under the forecastle and Third Class public rooms were situated under the Poop Deck. In between, the bulk of C-Deck comprised of First Class staterooms. The Second Class Lounge (known as the Library) and Promenades were located at the rear of the main section, though in the game these areas cannot be entered by the player.


C-Deck is accessible via the Grand Staircase and the Aft Grand Staircase. The Second Class Stairwell has no exit on C-Deck.


C-Deck corridor sinking.


Frank Carlson's cabin is located on the starboard side of this deck: C-73. It serves as the player's base of operation, and it is where the player begin each section of the game. Carlson can optionally return here several times during the course of the game. Further forward, also on the starboard side, is Colonel Zeitel's cabin: C-59. The player can only enter his cabin once in the second part of the game during the sinking and could not leave again without disarming (or attempting to disarm) a bomb. On the port side, Eric and Stephanie Burns occupy cabin C-78, where the player can develop photos vital to the mission.

Strangely, during the sinking section of the game a cutscene depicting doors on C-Deck being smashed in allowing water to come roaring in are erroniously shown too early - the player can return to the corridor and find it is perfectly fine despite having just seen the water flooding in seconds before.

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