Area C-Deck in First Class
Occupant Frank Carlson

C-73 is Frank Carlson's First Class cabin onboard the Titanic where the game starts once the explosion hurls him back to the night of April 14, 1912.


Situated towards the rear of the starboard side on C-Deck, Carlson must remain here for the entire voyage until 9.30pm on the night of Sunday 14th, when he is summoned to the Gymnasium by his contact Penny Pringle.

Among the items found in the cabin are a pocket watch, a dinner menu, a bag, a note from Georgia and a large trunk that contains a musical player, a cryptograph for decoding German codes, and interesting offical documentation from the British Secret Service outlining the global situation for the spring of 1912, and how power struggles in Germany, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America are reaching a crisis point and that the world is teetering on the brink of all-out war, foreshadowing World War I.

During the mission, Carlson is out of the cabin but only returns to it on two occasions - the first time to decode Colonel Zeitel's telegrams and the second and final time when the ship has started sinking after being knocked out by Vlad or shot by Zeitel when attempting to retrieve the notebook from the smokestack.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the demo, Titanic: The Lost Mission, Carlson's cabin is A-20.
  • In addition to the items, Carlson can also look out of the cabin porthole and play with the fresh water tap.
  • There is a white buzzer next to the door that, when pressed, will summon steward John Smethells. This buzzer can still be pressed when the Titanic is sinking, but Smethells will not appear.
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