Boat Pass
Boat Pass
Object information
Location The Smoking Room, if won in a game of blackjack
Usage To escape the Titanic or trade for the painting
Owner(s) Buick Riviera
Leyland Trask's reading "Use this wisely."

The Boat Pass is a collectible item and one of the few ways that Frank Carlson can escape the sinking Titanic in the closing moments of the game. It is a "La Morte" tarot card, depicting death as a skeleton in a long dark cloak. The pass belongs to Buick Riviera, the well known Smoking Room gambler, who offers it as part of a bet in games of blackjack.

In order to win the Boat Pass, Carlson must wager something of value in the game against it, specifically the priceless Rubaiyat or Georgia's authentic diamond necklace. Carlson can only afford to lose the game once.

If obtained, the pass can either be used to escape the ship or be given to Colonel Zeitel during the side mission to save Georgia from being poisoned. If Carlson agreed to swap the painting for the antidote, he can choose to give the pass in exchange for getting the painting back. Zeitel takes it, stating that he would rather be a living patriot than a dead one.

The pass can be used on any of the seamen to scare them into letting Carlson onto the lifeboat. It will not work on Officer Morrow who describes it as "claptrap".


  • The Boat Pass can be found on Carlson's desk at the beginning of the game in his London apartment. This implies that it was the means with which he escaped the Titanic in the original timeline.
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