Boat Pass
Boat Pass
Object information
Location Given by Buick Riviera if Frank Carlson beats him in a game of blackjack in the Smoking Room
Importance A way to escape the sinking ship
Owner(s) Buick Riviera
Leyland Trask's reading "Use this wisely."

The lifeboat pass is a La Morte tarot card depicting death as a skeleton in a long dark cloak. The boat pass belongs to Buick Riviera, well known smoking room gambler.


Despite possessing the card, Riviera does not seem at all bothered to use it. Instead he continues to gamble in the Smoking Room, placing bets on games of Black Jack.

During his first mission, Carlson was able to win the boat pass, proven by the fact that he still has the pass in 1942, and use it to escape the ship, failing his mission. It is unknown how, specifically, he obtained the pass. Second time round Carlson must wager the priceless Rubaiyat or Georgia's authentic diamond necklace. Carlson can only afford to lose the game once.

Once he has the pass he can use it as the second part of a trade with Colonel Zeitel, giving him the pass to have the painting back. Zeitel agrees, stating that he would rather be a living patriot than a non living one. The pass is a vital piece in retrieving the painting assuming that Carlson saved Georgia's life.


The pass leaves with Zeitel only if you give it to him in exchange for the painting. Carlson can keep it and use it himself. Alternatively, he can never get it from Riviera, and it will go down with the ship.

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