Boat Deck
Area Running the length of the RMS Titanic

The Boat Deck, on which the lifeboats were positioned, was the topmost of the ten decks on the Titanic. It was from here in the early hours of 15 April 1912 that Titanic's lifeboats were lowered into the North Atlantic.

The bridge and wheelhouse were at the forward end, in front of the captain's and officers' quarters. The bridge stood 8 feet (2.4 m) above the deck, extending out to either side so that the ship could be controlled while docking. The wheelhouse stood directly behind and above the bridge.

The entrance to the First Class Grand Staircase and Gymnasium were located midships along with the raised roof of the First Class Lounge, while at the rear of the deck were the roof of the First Class Smoking Room and the relatively modest Second Class Stairwell entrance. The wood-covered deck was divided into four segregated promenades; for officers, First Class passengers, engineers and Second Class passengers respectively. Lifeboats lined the side of the deck except in the First Class area, where there was a gap so that the view would not be spoiled.


The Boat Deck can be accessed by exiting the interior of the ship by way of the forward or aft Grand Staircase. The Second Class Stairwell also has an exit onto the deck. The Wireless Room is located portside forward, just aft of the bridge. The Gymnasium is located starboard side aft of the Grand Staircase entrance. After the ship strikes the iceberg, the Boat Deck is where most of the game's remaining characters will end up.

Important EventsEdit

Third Office Morrow can be found on the portside bridge wing for the duration of the game; Frank will need to speak with him to access the wireless room. Max Seidelman first appears portside amidships before taking Frank to the Smoking Room. Frank will have his conversation with the Lady Georgia for the first time at the aft of the Boat Deck. Colonel Zeitel and Sasha Barbicon will have their heated argument on the aft Boat Deck after Carlson obtains the Rubaiyat. In the second part of the game (where the ship is about to sink), Frank will needs to come here to try to catch a boat.

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