Object information
Location Found on the raised part of the Boat Deck close to the Second Class Stairwell end of the ship
Importance Needed to gain permission from Third Officer Morrow to access the Bridge
Owner(s) Third Officer Morrow
Leyland Trask's reading "Perhaps an officer should see these."
"Officer Morrow's in no mood to accommodate passengers right now. 'E's misplaced his binoculars and 'e's in a right proper state about it, too!"
Seaman 1

This is an object owned by Third Officer Morrow.

How to ObtainEdit

1) Speak with Third Officer Morrow about possibly visiting the Bridge but he will refuse to allow entry.  By speaking with one of the seamen he will mention that Morrow lost his pair of binoculars.

2) Walk the length of the ship until reaching a raised part of the Boat Deck near the Second Class Stairwell. The binoculars are located here.

3) Return to Third Officer Morrow and hand him the binoculars. He will now let you visit the Bridge.

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