Object information
Location The raised part of the Boat Deck close to the Second Class Stairwell
Usage Needed to gain permission from Third Officer Morrow to access the Bridge
Owner(s) Third Officer Morrow
Leyland Trask's reading "Perhaps an officer should see these."

The binoculars are a collectible item originally belonging to Third Officer Morrow. They are necessary in order for Frank Carlson to gain access to the Bridge during his mission.

If Carlson speaks with Morrow about visiting the Bridge, he will be refused entry. By then speaking with one of the seamen, it will be mentioned that Morrow has lost the binoculars.

Carlson can walk the length of the ship until reaching a raised part of the Boat Deck near the Second Class Stairwell. The binoculars are located here and handing them back over to Morrow will allow Carlson access to the Bridge.

Trivia Edit

  • A real pair of binoculars on board the Titanic were stored in a locker in the crow's nest. The crew did not have access to them as the owner of the key, mariner David Blair, had taken it with him after he was removed from the ship's roster shortly before the voyage.
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