Beatrix Conkling
First Class Passenger
Physical information
Gender Female
Family information
Family Andrew Conkling (husband)
Aboard the Titanic
Class First Class
Cabin B-59
Occupation Designer
"You know his wife, Beatrix, the designer? Such an eye! Her clothes preserve the bust line, couldn't be more flattering. Keeps the eye moving, much nicer than Worth's!"
Daisy Cashmore.

Beatrix Conkling is the wife of Andrew Conkling. She is an interior designer on her way to Los Angeles to help design the interior decorations of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

She and her husband had spent the winter of 1911-1912 in Cairo, and returned via Paris, where they met Colonel Alfred Zeitel, who showed a great interest in rare books.[1] She says Mr Trask predicted 1912 to be a "banner year" for her.


Beatrix tries to escape the ship with Eddie Hacker.

Beatrix is revaled to be unable to conceive children of her own so she chooses to steal her maid Shailagh Hacker's newborn son, Eddie (whose father was her own husband).

She will be seen with Eddie waiting for a lifeboat. If Carlson has the letter, she will trade the baby for the letter, believing it will ruin her if it gets out. She will start mid-ship on the starboard side, and then aft on the starboard side, after which she will disappear on a lifeboat, whether or not she has Eddie.

Fate Edit

Beatrix will escape the Titanic on a lifeboat. However, in a conversation with Carlson, she will remark that Trask had told her to only travel on two ships in her lifetime: The Titanic and the Lusitania. It is unknown whether or not she survived or died. In the Perfect Game, World War I never begins, so it can be assumed the Lusitania does not sink.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Carlson: "You're returning home?"
    Beatrix: "Andrew and I wintered in Cairo. We returned via Paris where we ran into all sorts of people — including that charming German Colonel Zeitel. He had a great interest in rare books. It will be wonderful to be home. No dust storms, no lepers."
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