Area Accessible via the Grand Staircase, the Aft Grand Staircase and lifts

B Deck, also called the Bridge Deck, was the top weight-bearing deck and the uppermost level of the hull. It was the third of ten decks on the Titanic. More First Class passenger accommodations were located here, with six palatial cabins featuring their own private promenades. On Titanic, the A La Carte Restaurant and the Café Parisien provided luxury dining facilities to First Class passengers. Both were run by subcontracted chefs and their staff; all were lost in the disaster.

The Second Class smoking room and entrance hall were both located on this deck, however the player cannot enter either of them. The raised forecastle of the ship was forward of this deck, accommodating Number One hatch (the main hatch through to the cargo holds), various pieces of machinery and the anchor housings. Aft of the Bridge Deck was the raised Poop Deck, which was used as a promenade by Third Class passengers. It was where many of Titanic's passengers and crew made their last stand as the ship sank. The forecastle and Poop Deck were separated from the Bridge Deck by well decks.


B-Deck is accessible via the forward and aft Grand Staircase and Lifts. It can also be accessed via the Cargo Hold, which has an exit out onto the well deck, and A-Deck forward, which has a staircase leading down onto the well deck.


Andrew Conkling and Beatrix Conkling have a cabin on this deck: B-59. Lord Charles Lambeth and Lady Georgia Lambeth also have one here: B-70. Both cabins are accessed only once during the course of the game.

Frank will also need to visit the Cafe Parisien to find Max's pack of cigarettes which will be returned to him in exchange for more information about where Willi von Haderlitz hid a notebook. Optionally after the start of the game, Max will invite Frank to the said cafe where they meet Colonel Zeitel and Willi and at the end of it, Frank picks up Zeitel's tobacco pipe which can be taken to the Turkish Bath to find out where the Rubaiyat is hidden.

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