Object information
Location Given by Colonel Zeitel as a trade for the painting
Importance Needed to save Lady Georgia Lambeth's life
Leyland Trask's reading "Someone needs this. Someone close to you."

A hipflask containing an antidote. This is an important object for saving Lady Georgia Lambeth during the final hours of the sinking of the Titanic.

Story Edit

If Frank Carlson approaches Colonel Zeitel in the First-class Lounge, Zeitel will tell Carlson that he poisoned his friend and ex-lover Lady Georgia. He will offer the antidote as a trade for the painting. Should Carlson refuse, Zeitel keeps the antidote and Georgia dies in Sasha Barbicon's cabin, A-14. If he gives Zeitel the painting, he will gain the cure, which he must take to Georgia. Georgia will drink the antidote and leaves the stateroom to go get in a lifeboat. Georgia will appear on the Boat Deck during the sinking but will eventually get in a boat.

There is a dialogue path which will lead to Zeitel shooting Carlson in the lounge.

Ending Edit

Saving Lady Georgia has no bearing on the different endings the game, except that the exchange causes Carlson to lose the painting, which can be regained by use of the Lifeboat Pass.

If Carlson has the pass when he confronts Zeitel, he can trade the painting for the antidote and then immediately offer Zeitel the pass and have the painting returned to him. He does not have to save Georgia and return to Zeitel to make the offer.

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