Andrew Conkling
First Class Passenger
Biographical information
Died 15 April, 1912
Boat Deck, RMS Titanic
Physical information
Gender Male
Family information
Family Beatrix Conkling (wife)
Edward Hacker (illegitimate son)
Aboard the Titanic
Class First Class
Cabin B-59
Occupation Owner of Conkling Steel

Andrew Conkling is the extremely wealthy American owner of the fictional business Conkling Steel, who provided the metal used to build the Titanic. He is travelling First Class back to the US with his wife Beatrix Conkling, from their London home.

The Conklings are optional characters, and their sidequest does not have to be undertaken in order to obtain the game's perfect ending.

Frank Carlson learns of Conkling through Daisy Cashmore, who has a message from Andrew requesting to meet in Scotland Road. A few weeks prior to sailing on the Titanic, the Conkling's Irish maid, Shailagh Hacker, ran away from their London home and took a particularly sensitive letter with her, which contains information that could potentially ruin Conkling and his steel business. Conkling is desperate to obtain the letter from Shailagh, after his wife Beatrix spotted her on the Third Class Promenade earlier during the voyage. He learned that a British Secret Service agent was on board, and located Carlson through Daisy Cashmore, and requests his assistance in retrieving the letter.

After meeting with Shailagh and her brother Jack, Carlson reports back to Conkling that the pair want $5,000 in exchange for the letter, enough money for Shailagh to get a good start in life in America. Conkling is not prepared to pay them the money, and asks Carlson to speak to Shailagh alone without her brother Jack.

In the second part of the game during the Titanic's sinking, both Conkling and Beatrix can be found on the Boat Deck. Beatrix had stolen Shailagh's baby Eddie from her and intended to raise it as her own. She offers to trade the baby back to Shailagh in return for the precious letter. Shailagh and Jack both agree to this, and it is at this point that Carlson can read the contents of the letter - the steel which Conkling Steel produced to be used in the Titanic is revealed to be high in sulfur, making it highly likely to fracture in the event of a collision or accident, and that Conkling himself authorised such use of the steel in the Titanic. 

Regardless, Conkling never sees the letter again, as he panics on the Boat Deck and offers money to the crew in exchange for a place in a lifeboat. He is shot dead by Third Officer Morrow after trying to bribe his way into a lifeboat. If Carlson neglects to talk to Conkling during the sinking, he goes down to the ship with the rest left on-board.

Daisy Cashmore mentions that the Conklings were friends with Captain E.J. Smith.

Andrew Conkling was also the biological father of Shailagh Hacker's baby Eddie, who was conceived through an affair. It is implied that Beatrix and Andrew intended for this to happen, and they intended to fire Shailagh once the baby was born and keep the baby for her own.

Although not a playable character, Conkling is involved in the Demo version of the game. Carson is assigned to obtain a photo of him for evidence as Conkling is being investigated for defrauding investors.

Given Andrew Conkling's characteristics in the demo and actual game, it can be speculated that he represents the Capitalist Greed of the times. His exposition and actions often have him taking shortcuts to avoid having to spend money.

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