Aft Grand Staircase
Aft Grand Staircase
Area First Class area of the RMS Titanic

The Aft Grand Staircase was a First Class area of the RMS Titanic; a staircase similar to the Fore Grand Staircase, only slightly smaller, less ornate and spanning less floors.

It only spanned three decks (A-Deck to C-Deck), but it gave access to the Smoking Room, A-Deck Promenade, and First Class Lounge (A-Deck landing), the Café Parisien (B-Deck landing) and First Class cabins (B and C-Deck landings).

Among the passengers that could be usually found in the Aft Grand Staircase is Daisy Cashmore and, less frequently, Reverend Edgar Troutt.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the game, the Aft Grand Staircase does not have a clock on the A-Deck landing (where the "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" panel is on the Forward Grand Staircase). In reality, the Aft Grand Staircase also had a clock there, only it had a by far less ornate wood carving around it. Also, in the real Titanic, the Aft Grand Staircase also had bronze cherubs as light fixtures, while such cherubs are absent in the game.
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